Miranda Mcguire

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About Miranda

Born with a love and passion for styling hair, Miranda began her career as a stylist in Austin, Texas in 2005. While she was classically trained at Jackson Ruiz Salon in downtown Austin, she is consistently inspired by clients and the world around her. She likes to stay on top of her craft by attending continuing education courses taught by experts in the industry all over the nation, and connects with with stylists all over the world via social media for the latest trends. Miranda is a total natural with upstyling for special events and wedding hairstyles, making them look effortlessly beautiful while still lasting all night. She is a master hair cutting and color specialist that will stop at nothing for perfection. If you ask her, though, her favorite and most cherished part of her career is getting to connect with people, and one of her greatest joys in life comes from the instant gratification she receives from making her clients look and feel beautiful. She wears with pride the self-given title of “hairapist,” as she feels that the nurturing of one’s spirit is equally as important as the reflection one sees in the mirror, and she thrives on being able to offer her clients that care, both spiritually and aesthetically.

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Phone: 512-983-4253